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Parks and Facilities

Drakes Creek Park North Athletic Complex:

 2  Lighted Football Fields
 Lighted Baseball / Softball Fields
 5  Concession Stands
 7  Restroom Facilities
 3  Basketball Goals (1 lighted)
 20  Lighted Soccer Fields
 4  Baseball / Softball Practice Areas
 5  Playground Areas
 8  20 x 40 Picnic Shelters with tables - no grills
 1  2 mile walking path (lighted & paved)
 1  Maintenance building / storage
 18  Scoreboards

Drakes Creek Park North Volleyball Area:

 3  Lighted Sand Volleyball Courts
 1  Playground Area
 1  Picnic Shelter with grills / tables at Volleyball Courts
 1  Picnic Shelter with grills / tables at Playground Area
 2  Parking Areas

Veterans Park:

 3  Lighted Baseball / Softball Fields
 2  Lighted Inline Hockey Rinks
 4  Picnic Shelters with tables
 1  Lighted Skate Park
 2  Playground Areas
 2  Concession Stands / Restrooms
 1  Trail Head Walking / Bike Trail

Memorial Park:

 12 Lighted Tennis Courts
 Kids Kingdom Playground
 Picnic Shelter with grills / tables
 Restroom Facilities
 Walking Trail
 Multi-Purpose Athletic Field
 Baseball / Softball Practice Areas
 Tennis Office Building / Restrooms

Sanders Ferry Park:

 7  20 x 40 Picnic shelters with grills / tables (Seats 40-50 approx. people)
 1  45 x 86 Large Group Shelters with grills / tables (Seats approx. 250 people)
 2  Restroom Facilities
 2  Playground Sites
 1  Basketball Court
 1  Handicap boat / fishing pier
 1  Model Airplane Field
 1  18 - hole Disc Golf Course

Shelters may be rented in the DCN Volleyball area, Memorial Park area and Sanders Ferry Park area.   Please call (615) 822-3898 to see what is available. 

Drakes Creek Park North  Athletic Complex and Veteran’s Park are on a first come, first serve basis.

Guidelines and Policies for Picnic Shelter Reservations:

**Reservations can be made Monday - Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Parks Department. We only accept Cash or Check payment options**

The Parks Department is located in City Hall

101 Maple Drive North, Hendersonville, TN - (615) 822-3898.

Shelter Reservation Form

Shelters can be reserved from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m..

Reservations do not have to be made to use a shelter, but to guarantee your party a shelter once you arrive at the park you must make a reservation. You will be given a copy of your permit to take with you to the park. No reservations are made over the phone but you may call ahead to see if the shelter and date that you would like are available. We can hold your spot that day only – you must come in and fill out reservation form and pay by 5:00 or you lose your spot. Call or come in as soon as you know the date you are planning your event – shelters are sometimes booked several months in advance. Reservations may only be made within the current calendar year.

 If If you arrive at your reserved shelter and someone is there you have the right to ask them to leave providing you have your permit. The police are given a copy of each permit obtained- if problems call them at (615) 822-1111.

We have 3 parks that can be reserved with a total of 11 shelters. Park hours are from daylight to 11PM

     Memorial Park – 151 East Main Street - 1 shelter - behind tennis courts/wooden playground area. Shelter is located up on the hill behind Kids Kingdom.  We do not reserve the one attached to the tennis courts office because this is mainly used by those there for tennis lessons or tournaments. We also do not reserve area inside Kids Kingdom – This is on a first come first serve basis.

   Drakes Creek Park – 120 East Main Street - 2 shelters - Shelter #1 – located behind volleyball courts.  When you reserve this shelter, you can reserve up to 1 volleyball court at no extra charge.

      Shelter #2 – located near “Ship” playground area.

Sanders Ferry Park – 513 Sanders Ferry Road - 8 shelters - shelters 1 – 7 hold approximately 40+. Shelter #8 is a large group shelter that holds 250+, it is also the only shelter that has lights and electricity.

For Rockland Park – you will need to contact the Corps of Engineers at 822-4846

Fees:  For Memorial Park, Drakes Creek Park, & Sanders Ferry Park - If you are paying for a 4 hour block – you may pick the 4 hours you would like. Payment is made by cash or check only, sorry, no credit/debit cards accepted. Checks made payable to City of Hendersonville.

       Large Group Shelter #8 (at Sanders Ferry Park)  

Resident $75.00 up to 4 hours   $150.00 All Day

Non Resident $100.00 up to 4 hours    $200.00 All Day

All Other Shelters                

$25.00 up to 4 hours    $40.00 All Day

Non Resident $35.00 up to 4 hours       $55.00 All Day

Resident – lives in the Hendersonville City limits (pays city taxes / has city trash pickup).

Company sponsored picnics & Church sponsored picnics, etc where Company / Church is not in the Hendersonville City limits must pay non resident fee even if person filling out form lives in Hendersonville City limits.

Changes may be requested before your reserved date. You must return original permit(s) and a new one will be issued to you if changes are approved. There will be an administration fee of $5 ($10 administration fee for Shelter #8).

Rain outs – we will be glad to reschedule. You must call the next working day and let us know that you were rained out and would like to reschedule. If you do not know the date you would like to reschedule for, we will make a note that you will be calling back to reschedule. No refunds due to inclement weather.

Cancellations –There will be a $5 administrative fee deducted on all small shelters and a $10 administrative fee deducted on the large group shelter if you would like a refund. We must have at least a week’s notice for a refund. Instead of a refund you may reschedule for a later date at no additional charge. If less than a week’s notice, you can not receive a refund but may reschedule. We must be notified before date of event for a reschedule.

     Lights and Electricity are available at Shelter #8 only.  Lights will come on automatically at dark. You may bring gas powered generators for all other shelters.

     Grills – Each small shelter has a small grill. Shelter #8 has 2 large grills.  You may bring your own personal grill. Please dispose of coals properly – do not dump on ground around shelter. Please make sure that coals are cooled down if you dump into trash receptacle.                              

     Sound Systems – If a sound system (requiring amps) is going to be used, you will need to acquire a sound permit. There is no charge for this, but you must have an approved events application. Sound permits are acquired in the Executive Department in City Hall.

     Inflatable play equipment (i.e. moon bounce, etc.) Party Train or Party Bus – These items are allowed, but the person making the reservation must provide a copy of certificate of liability insurance naming City of Hendersonville as additional insured. Insurance can usually be obtained through the company from which the inflatable play equipment is rented. We require this at least a week before the event. You will need to bring a gas powered generator to use the inflatable play equipment.
Sports equipment is not provided by the Parks Department.

     Tables: A standard number of tables should be under each small shelter (usually 4). Although we cannot guarantee that number if someone should move the tables.

Maps / Directions are available upon request, but it is the responsibility of the person making reservations or requesting maps / directions to provide extra copies.

Shelters being used for other than routine picnics may need to fill out a special events form and it may have to be approved by the Parks Board.

Please clean up after yourself and dispose of all decorations, trash, and food properly as someone may have the shelter booked immediately after you.

     Thank you for using our fine parks and we look forward to having you come back again.

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