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Youth Basketball


The Youth Basketball program for boys grades 1-9 and girls grades 1-12:
(for boys grades 10th-12th see main page and click on HS and Adult basketball
Game and Practice Schedule Changes:


Youth grades 1st-9th boys and 1st to 12th girls.  
Sign-ups: September 21 to October 9 - Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
Signups at City Hall - 101 Maple Drive North
Sign Up ONLINE now!!

Player Application

Coaching Application

Fees: Grades 1st-3rd  $75 (no tournament)   Grades 4th-12th  $85.
(Additonal $5 for non Hendersonville residents)
Season runs November – February (weather permitting)

If the player did NOT play in the Hendersonville Parks Basketball League last year then they will need to go to a rating sesson: Click for dates and times of Rating Sessions

Frequently asked questions:
-When do practices start? - Saturday October 31
-When do games start? - Saturday December 5
-How many practices/games a week?  One practice during the week and one practice on Saturdays until games start and then one practice a week and games on Saturday.
-When will I be notified about a team: Around October 29
YOUTH BASKETBALL 2015-16 -  “OPEN” TEAMS - AS OF OCTOBER 7 the "OPEN" Division has been cancelled.

Divisions are 3rd/4th and 5th/6th and 7th/8th grades.
Team fee is $600
Roster size maximum is 12. 10 games, single elimination at end of regular season. Open team responsible for its own players (fees, uniforms, playing time, etc.)

Open Team Application

Open Team Information Sheet

Open Team Roster
Dick's Sporting Goods Logo

Hendersonville Parks/Dick's Sporting Goods Shop Day - Saturday October 24 - Rivergate Store - 20% off throughout the store (some restrictions apply). 

Coupon for 20% off

A special thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods as they will once again be partnering with the Parks Department during the 2015-2016 season as our main sponsor. Please click on the logo above to visit their website.
Coaches NYSCA certification - contact information 1-800-729-2057 or
Picture Information:
Southern Sports Photography
Don Wrenn
Office 615-216-5536

Tournament Brackets:
4th/5th Grade Girls Tournament Bracket
4th Grade Boys Tournament Bracket
5th Grade Boys Tournament Bracket
6th Grade Boys Tournament Bracket
7th Grade Boys Tournament Bracket
8th/9th Grade Boys Tournament Bracket

Game Schedules:
1st Grade Boys Game Schedule
2nd Grade Boys Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2
3rd Grade Boys Game Schedule
4th Grade Boys Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2
5th Grade Boys Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2
6th Grade Boys Game Schedule
7th Grade Boys Game Schedule
8th/9th Grade Boys Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2

1st to 3rd Grade Girls Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2
4th/5th Grade Girls Game Schedule - Updated Feb. 2

League Administrator Keith Bruce 
2015-16 Standing:
1st-3rd Grade Girls                                     
Top Half:
Dyer                10-0
Swartzel            6-4
Taylor                6-4
Titus                  5-5
Bottom Half:
Carter              5-5
Cripps              4-6
Scott                2-8
Sinyard            2-8

4th-5th Grade Girls
Top Half:
Gash              7-3
Cripps            7-3
Nicholson       7-3
Davidson        5-5
Bottom Half:
Elkins             6-4
Hicks              5-5
Hodge             2-8
Reynolds         1-9

1st Grade Boys
Carie                 8-2
Johnson             8-2
Rogers               5-5
Stohr                 4-6
Burkhead           3-7
Fleming             2-8

2nd Grade Boys
Top Half:
Nicholson            8-2
Dyer                   7-3
Cranford              6-4
Isabell                 5-5
Bottom Half:
French                 5-5
Wilkinson             5-5
Mott                    3-7
Chastain              1-9

3rd Grade Boys
Walker                  8-2
Holt                      7-3
Phelps                   7-3
Head                     5-5
Geer                     3-7
Williams                0-10

4th Grade Boys   
Top Half:
Gill                        8-2
Isabell                   8-2
Lucas                    6-4
Cox                       6-4
Bottom Half:
Higdon                   5-5
Barbuto                  3-7
Peterson                 2-8
Robb                      2-8

5th Grade Boys
Top half:
Miller                      9-1
MacLean                 7-3
Fuchser                  6-4
French                    4-6
Bottom Half:
Swinger                   5-5
Perkins                    5-5 
Futrell                     3-7
McKee                     1-9

6th Grade Boys
Fleming                   8-2
Harris                      6-4
Barnett                    5-5
Garvon                    1-9

7th Grade Boys
Petty                        10-0
Vincenti                    8-2
Latham                     5-5
Lorenz                      4-6
Lalumondier              3-7
Dillard                       0-10

8th/9th Grade Boys
Top Half:
Stone                         10-0
Merritt                        8-2
Delfratte                     5-5
Morgan                       4-6
Bottom Half:
Jones                          4-6
Allison                         4-6
Helbig                         3-7
McCrary                      2-8



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