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General Information

There are various reasons to make Hendersonville, TN home for your family or business. Maybe it's the lake, its parks, a job, the schools system, or just the community itself, but rest assured, the reasons are numerous!

As one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee, Hendersonville offers great opportunities for everyone.

Strategically located 18 miles NE of the center of downtown Nashville and 20 miles from Nashville's International Airport, Hendersonville attributes its rapid growth to geographic location and scenic beauty. The city has approximately 38 square miles of land and 26 miles of shoreline on Old Hickory Lake.

Hendersonville is governed by a 13-member Board of Mayor and Aldermen. It was first incorporated in July 1969 and the city officially began operation August 1, 1969. With higher than average household incomes, Hendersonville is the home of a highly educated and affluent citizenry and is known throughout the state as one of the finest places to live, work, and play. It offers a unique blend of city living and spacious country surroundings.

Official City Website:

Municipal Code: Parks & Recreation Regulations

Board of Mayor and Aldermen:

Mayor: Jamie Clary

Ward 1: Peg Petrelli / Mark Skidmore
Ward 2: Pat Campbell / Scott Sprouse
Ward 3: Arlene Cunningham / Angie Hedberg
Ward 4: Steve Brown / Andy Gilley
Ward 5: Hamilton Frost / Darrell Woodcock
Ward 6: Matt Stamper / Jim Waters


Hendersonville Area Schools:

 Elementary Schools
 Phone Number
 Beech  3120 Long Hollow Pike
 (615) 824-2700
 Gene W. Brown
 115 Gail Dr
 (615) 824-8633
 Indian Lake
 505 Indian Lake Rd
 (615) 824-6810
 Jack Anderson
 250 Shute Ln
 (615) 264-5830
 Lakeside Park
 204 Dolphus Dr
 (615) 824-5151
 Madison Creek
 1040 Madison Creek Rd
 (615) 859-4991
 Nannie Berry
 138 Indian Lake Rd
 (615) 822-3123
 Station Camp
 1020 Bison Trail
 (615) 230-0387
 Walton Ferry
 732 Walton Ferry Rd
 (615) 824-3217
 George A. Whitten
 140 Scotch St
 (615) 824-3258



 Middle Schools
 Phone Number
 Ellis  100 Indian Lake Rd  (615) 264-6093
 Hawkins  487 A Walton Ferry Rd
 (615) 824-3456
 Hunter  2101 New Hope Rd
 (615) 822-4720
 Knox Doss at Drakes Creek
 1338 Drakes Creek Rd
 (615) 824-8383
 Station Camp
 281 Big Station Camp Blvd
 (615) 206-0116


 High Schools
 Address  Phone Number
 Beech  3126 Long Hollow Pk
 (615) 824-6200
 Hendersonville Christian
 355 Old Shackle Island Rd
 (615) 824-1550
 Hendersonville  123 Cherokee Rd
 (615) 824-6162
 Merrol Hyde Magnet (K-12)
 128 Township
 (615) 264-6543
 Station Camp
 1040 Bison Trail
 (615) 451-6551


 Other Private Schools
 Phone Number
 Aaron Academy (Home School)
 645 E. Main St
 (615) 826 2595
 Pope John Paul II
 117 Caldwell Dr
 (615) 822-2375

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